Catalogue Raisonné Luca Leonelli -- 2017 SKIRA MilanoIn press:

Catalogue raisonné of Luca Leonelli's graphic work

Edited by Sandro Parmiggiani for SKIRA (Milano)

Book launch and exhibition January 21 at Artesucarte (Modena)

Besides graphic work, Leonelli has always frequented the territory of painters, watercolourists and draughtsmen, showing similar expressive powers in all — rarely in the same period, but in separate stages of feverish production on canvas, paper or plate — and a continuous transmigration of motifs, in one direction or the other.

For this reason there are several paintings and drawings in the book, besides the general catalogue of his etchings and engravings, to better reveal the artist's poetics and the nature of his research. Luca Leonelli reveals himself, through this catalogue of his graphics work, as an artist of the highest rank.

His graphic work, characterized by an unrest and a bitter assessment of the “magnificent fates and consequences” of the human existential adventure, and by an explicit denunciation of the recurrent situations of intellectual subservience and existential brutalization. This work is destined to fascinate connoisseurs and adepts of the ancient, noble art of the engraving, and all those who don't demand from art to give a superficial, temporary daze, but to dig into the human condition, the mysterious “other”, and the nature of things.

—Sandro Parmiggiani (translated from Italian)