The Brothers Grimm don't get Pinocchio

They don't know him but discuss him.

How do you teach a child to be a child?
With those fears to overcome? Who is the baddie to defeat? Take heart
there will be an animal with a great mouth, an old lady at first sight sweet but very hungry.
What have pears got to do with it, or their holes?
It's as relevant as Pinocchio choosing from all the flowers to pick a dandelion head
with seeds that fly away immediately along the way.
It's just a game, Pinocchio, you're free to run and jump!
Are images better than the written word?
Discover your body and the pleasure it gives you.
Run fast, a cat and a fox are chasing you.
You'll meet a man and you'll want to compare and identify with him.
You'll be reborn a child at the end, beyond the page of the book,
escaping into the woods to meet fairytale characters
and play with them, free from worries.