This book contains poems by Arturo Schwarz, illustrated with seventeen etchings by Luca Leonelli.

The etchings were pulled on a hand press by Giorgio Upiglio in Milan (Italy), using Alcantara paper. The edition consists of sixty-eight copies signed by the author and the illustrator, and are numbered in Arabic numbers from 1/60 to 60/60, in addition to eight copies reserved for author, illustrator and editor (numbered in Roman numerals from I/VIII to VIII/VIII). The poems and other text was set in the Garamond typeface in a typography by Rodolfo Campi. This edition is a paperback with a green sleeve.

A further edition of twenty copies has been made of the seventeen etchings, this time on Hahnemühle paper, with each engraving signed by the artist and numbered in Roman numerals from I/XX to XX/XX.

A current edition with reproductions of the seventeen etchings was published by Moretti & Vitali Publishers.

Milan, March 2010.