This three-volume work consists of thirteen etchings and eight coloured aquatints by Luca Leonelli, with an accompanying note by the artist and text by Giorgio Celli.

‘Sharp Corners’: Thirty-four page volume bound in linen, containing twelve black and white etchings, printed on 230grs Hahnemühle paper: eleven of 20 by 30 cm and one of 40 by 30 cm.

‘Disorder’: Folder bound in cloth, containing six coloured aquatints printed on 20 by 30 cm 640grs watercolour paper from Arches. Each aquatint is signed and numbered by the artist in Arabic numbers from 1/50 to 50/50.

‘Sharp Corners and Disorder’: Twenty-four page volume in 130grs MBM Ingres paper, with a coloured aquatint on its cover (on 300grs Hahnemühle paper) and a glossy dust jacket. Contains one coloured aquatint and one etching, printed on 20 by 30 cm 230grs Hahnemühle paper.

The etchings have been pulled on the hand press of the Laboratorio d’Arte Grafica in Modena (Italy), in March and April 2003, on handmade Hahnemüle and Arches paper. The fifty copies of this edition have been individually numbered in Arabic numbers from 1/50 to 50/50 and signed by the artist.

Each edition includes a Fresnel lens, and the three volumes are enclosed in a handmade walnut case.

Modena, 2003.